Sunday, December 30, 2007

Saturday Night

I am a sucker for red. Clothes, shoes or accessories. If you are wearing red, you have my attention. Especially in a sea of black on a Saturday night. There is nothing unusual about the accessories, but I love the color. It just made her stand out.

Gangsta Rap!

You would think that teaching is a boring profession. Now, most days, I would admit that you are not very far away from the truth. But then, this happens. College students have the wackiest sartorial sense. And these pictures prove my point. Enough said about trying to be the crowd. I wouldn’t usually approve of thus attired Gangstas in my class, but heck, it does a day or two good to have a spot of that yellow snoring in the back seat.

The Bling is not to be missed. No wonder he wasn’t taking notes. Not with those gloves on!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Boho Chic

Today seems like a good day to start. So a couple of pictures off the street. I see this girl pretty often and she is always dressed well. Here, I like the fact that she has kept the bling minimal, with just a beaded bag and pretty earrings. The black sleeveless tee, worn inside the green dress teams well with the tights. Also, I like the shredded scarf. It sort of balances the different colours. She was wearing a metal coin belt for added effect. Not many people carry boho chic so well.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Couture Shots Off The Street

I have been a follower of the indigenous sartorial style for quite some time now. It is in our country that many newly-weds show off a red and white bridal chudaa teamed with a well-fitted pair of jeans and a flattering tee. Tribal accessories complement western attires, and I once saw a bride, lehenga and all, with a Fifty Cent locket on a gold chain around her neck! I have come across Satya Paul saris teamed with a silver vest from fashion street, and a Versace blouse adding style to a patchwork skirt from Janpath.

I am not necessarily addicted to fashion. In fact, anything but. What I do love is observing it, especially on the streets. I love the influence fashion has on our daily lives. I love the way a well-worn chiffon kurti and the right perfume can wipe away the Monday morning blues. I like men and women dressed beautifully for the runway of life. I love the unique form fashion takes off the ramp. I love individual interpretations of designer lines which in turn are quixotic enough to end up as inspirations for a new design.

So I have decided to capture this face of fashion. This distinctive style of our fashionista on the street. This style that gives our fashion color, energy and an inimitable vitality that can only come from an everyday individual’s version of high fashion.

Shotcouture will take you on a journey through the streets of different cities across India. It will capture individual sense of style in all its quirky glory. It will bring a smile to your face, and will make you look around a little more to see what the people around you are wearing. It will, I hope, help you rediscover fashion as a personal statement of individuality and creativity.