Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Here comes the bride...

A quick post on what I wore for our post wedding reception. The very beautiful saree that I wore is a gift from my friend Ritika Mittal, Founder and Designer of MORA, a brand that has redefined femininity and creativity for me and many proud MORA owners across the world. Ritika styled me for the wedding, and the accessories are hers. The look was a hit with friends and family alike, who are used to conventional Indian brides with tons of makeup and jewellery. I wanted a slightly more contemporary look, and chose to go without makeup. With just kohl lined eyes, and a smile, the saree worked its magic. Hope you like what the bride wore.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Do...

I have been missing for a while. Been busy with the wedding preparations. My fiancĂ©, now my husband, and I had decided to go in for a Registered Civil wedding, followed by two wedding receptions; one for friends and one for the family. The Civil wedding took place on the 10th February. We left late for the Court, and panic ensued as we kept getting caught in traffic. But finally, everything went off well, and my decision to wear my mother’s sari to my own wedding was well-received by everyone.

I accessorized the Sari with just a pair of pearl earrings, and chose not to wear any make-up. My beautiful friend Ritika, Founder and Designer for MORA, took some memorable pictures of the ceremony. My brother Prashant, Mushfiq’s siter, Shahana, and one of his best buds, Jayesh, were witnesses. Post the Civil wedding, we took our friends out for a quick lunch at a Thali Restaurant. Mushfiq wore a simple cotton kurta with jeans, while my sister-in-law, Mala wore a silk sari and looked lovely as ever. I will do an elaborate post with the wedding pictures later. For now, I am leaving you with a handful of pictures from the Civil ceremony. I am currently busy with adjusting to a new life, in a new home. I have shifted to my husband’s home, and it’s a wonderful feeling, starting my life afresh.

I have been missing blogging and all you lovely ladies and your blogs. Please give me time to catch up with all of you. This is a busy time in my life.