Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shotcouture Anniversary Giveaway! (Extended to 20th January)

It came a bit late, but it's here! Shotcouture has completed a year, and it's time for a celebration. It's been a wonderful journey, and could not think of a better way to thank you all. I am not going to reveal all the gifts at once, though. Only the two beautiful Fabindia silk scarves, to begin with. The rest are equally, if not more exciting gifts. Wait and you shall be rewarded. To win one of these goodies, you have to answer a simple question.


There are SIX fabulous gifts to be won. Post your answer in the comments section of the blog-post. My decision on the prizes will be final. The Giveaway is open only to US, Canada, Europe and Asia.

The last date for sending in your comments has been extended to 20 January.

After the final names have been selected, I will send out individual mails informing the winners about their gifts.

Alright... revealing the rest of the gifts. Fabindia silver pendants, Ritu Kumar Leather Clutch, and a Ritu Kumar Scraf; all up for grabs. I have received some lovely comments, but there is still time. Spread the word!

Monday, December 8, 2008

So Gorgeous!!!

The day we went to Bondi Beach wasn’t the best of weather for a day out on, well, a beach. The wind was very cold, and being true Mumbaikars, we aren’t used to the low temperature there. But in all fainess, the beach is beautiful, with lots of activities. A two minutes walk away was the Bondi Beach Flea market which turned out to be a great place for some bargain buys. And the market had a lot of stuff for the shopoholics. But what stole out hearts was this small, but utterly breathtaking place- So Gorgeous. It is a treasure-trove of all things beautiful, from French inspired homewares and furniture to gorgeous jewellery. The owner, Rebecca, started the shop after an earlier stint as a lawyer and a chef/caterer. And then, So Gorgeous happened!
Rebecca’s own words describe her shop the best. “I endeavour to fill So Gorgeous with only beautiful things that I love. When a customer enters my shop I treat them like they are visiting my home. From the moment you walk in, your senses are fulfilled. You can smell it (vanilla bean), you can hear it (great background music), you can see it (soft colours and glittering jewels), and you can touch it (gorgeous fabrics and body products).”

We found a lovely gift for a friend who is getting married. And that was just one of the many lovely things this shop has to offer. Among other things, we saw crystal charms, lockets, jewelry boxes, votive holders, mirrors and baby products. So, the next time you are in Sydney, please make this shop a Must Visit for yourself. And stock up on things that are just So Gorgeous!

Visit the site

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai Mayhem- Praying For The City

First of all, I am traumatized, but safe. Thank you all for your concern and for your mails. It's been over 24 hours, and the city is under siege. I don't really know what to say. It's been a numbing and humbling experience. Numbing because of the carnage involved. Humbling, because they have shown us how vulnerable and helpless we all are. Young men, 22 to 24 years old, killing, dying for an indeterminate cause they do not understand themselves.

Both Taj and Oberoi hotels are very close to our house in Cuffe Parade. Most importantly, Taj Mahal Hotel is to Mumbai what the twin towers were to NY. It's a symbol of what the city stands for. Grand, luxurious, beautiful, enigmatic. I sat in front of the television, watching it burn, and I wept. It broke my heart, to think of all those trapped inside. We could hear the explosions, and they shook us from within. I am not a weak person. I have lived through many terror attacks on Mumbai, but today it's different. We lost the Chief of the Anti Terrorist Squad, a brave man, who fought for all of us, till his last breath. We lost many innocent people, in the hotels, at VT station and on the streets.

The TV channels were quick in giving out the names of the two terrorists killed in the cross-firing. "Abu and Ishmail", they kept repeating. Underlining their religion. But you know what, terror does not have a religion. It's just about terror. For the first time in my life, I feel fear. When I went for a walk, I saw people staring at each passerby. What has religion got to do with it? Does death choose it's victims by religion?

I just heard another explosion, a big one. I stay right opposite the World Trade Centre. We could be the next target. Soon enough, they will find us. But you know what, I am not staying in anymore. I am going to work tomorrow. Mumbai will fight back. We all will fight back.

Friday, November 21, 2008

A Slice Of India In Australia

Last week, our office took us to Sydney for a small trip. A good time was had by all. And much shopping was done. I was particulalry delighted to see this shop in Sydney, with all the lovely, colorful stuff one would usually find in India. I loved the Rajasthani patterns on the cushions, and the tiny ring boxes, among other things. After a long, tiring walk, looking for something to buy, we almost ended up buying some Indian things, all the way down under. Fortunately, good sense prevailed and we walked out, still tempted by the lovely display.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weblog Excellence - Me???

The awesomely talented Indian Rose Fashionista has nominated me for the Brilliante Weblog Premio Award 2008! It’s an honour, and I don’t know if I am barely in the same league and Indian Rose herself! Hers is a witty, style-aware voice that I’d love to be able to come close to some day.

As a nominee, I can nominate up to seven blogs that I love. Here is the list:

1) Freelancer’s fashion Blog: Beautiful, witty and quirky, her blog makes my day. From personal style to hairstyle DIYs, she is one blog diva many emulate.

2) Plastic Paradise: One of the funniest people in the blogosphere. If there is an unusual print out there, she will find it. And her writing style is among the best I have come across.

3) Vain and Vapid: She has a great eye for style. And desserts! Her posts are eclectic, stylish, fashion-forward and hugely entertaining.

4) Be Frassy: Audrey is a true stylista in the making. Her posts are gorgeous and extremely high on style quotient. No wonder her blog is going places!

5) Style and the City: Kamel’s gorgeous street style photographs capture the spirit and essence of Paris in a way no one can even come close to. He is to Paris what Sart is to NY!

6) Into the Fray: A mix of Ambika’s fabulous personal style, her handmade beauties, and all things lovable about fashion. I have been following this blog as long as I have been blogging. And it just keeps on getting more exciting.

7) A to Z of Style: A blog with sensitivity and beauty unmatched. Joy is one of the most beautiful and talented people I know through Blogosphere. Her regular sections, like “From the pantry” are stunning visual treats that I always look forward to.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Back To School - Manuel Bozzi's University Of Rock 'n' Roll

I have always liked fashion with a bit of an edge. And Italian designer Manuel Bozzi’s work fits right into the slot. Using silver, gold, precious stones, diamonds, leather and enamels, Manuel Bozzi creates fine jewellery collections that are romantic yet edgy, inspired by his strong and decisive taste. The jewels, like all things stylish are designed to last and be worn every day.

The most recent collection, “University of Rock 'n' Roll” has a strong Rock inspiration, borrowing heavily from the Keith Richards years. The three guitars belts and the alligator buckle are my favorites from that collection.

The "Keyboard 8 Ring" is an elegant jewel inspired by technology for daily luxury, a modern, non-conformist style that remains forever elegant.

As a young artist, Manuel was noticed by French designers Marithé and François Girbaud. Their collaborations—which continue on to this day—established Bozzi as a name to watch and the subsequent global success marked him as an innovator in the field.

Each handcrafted piece designed by Bozzi reflects his dedication to fine detailing. His unusual inspirations make his designs extremely unique, and intriguing. Recognizing his superior aesthetics and keen eye for the unconventional, some of the most exclusive boutiques worldwide now house Bozzi’s work. The success of his Rock ‘n’ Roll collection has urged him to plan a world-wide expansion of his vision and designs.

I can actually see these stunning designs finding their way into India. They will be such conversation pieces, more so, if some daring fashionista finds in her the courage to team them with an Indian outfit. What fun!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where is the Winter?

It’s October, and no sign of winters. Mumbai is as warm as it was in mid-summer! The city usually has just two seasons- summer and monsoon. And both are quite inconvenient. Mumbai summers are humid. You don’t know what I am talking about till you visit the city. So I am not at all surprised that the two girls are dressed for summer. I love the prints on their dresses. And check out the flip-flops; quite appropriate for the weather.

And the lady in the second picture, I love her hair! She had so much spunk. And her clothes were so unusual for Mumbai. But she looked so cool and relaxed in them. AND she had so much spunk! Colaba is perfect for a warm day shopping so I am not surprised to see the shopping bags in both the pictures. The ladies were trying to kill the heat with some cool bargains.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Payless Goes Pink!!!

Payless has featured this super cute Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet. Payless will donate 100% of the net profits of bracelet sales to Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, with a minimum guaranteed donation of $100,000. You'll also receive a $5 off $25 coupon with your purchase. So please do your bit and buy, buy, buy. It makes a great gift too! So go ahead, and do your bit.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

High Heel Marathon --- Would you? Could you?

When I bought my first pair of precariously high heels, a friend gave me a long lecture on the harm they could do to my back... I went ahead and bought two more pairs, and wore my lovely stilettos everywhere. I went for walks wearing them, I went shopping, and even went to college wearing high heels. I lived my life a good few inches higher than rest of the world. Then one day, just as suddenly my love for high heels had begun, it faded. Ephemeral... yes. But the comfort of well-structured flats was difficult to resist. And till a few months back, I lived my life pretty grounded. Till I saw this gorgeous, to-die-for pair of lovely heels in a shade of orange I had never dared even look at before. And the heels were back in my life.

But even at the top of my affair with the heels, I wouldn't have dreamed of running around in them, leave alone running an actual marathon waring heels over 3-inches. But I guess $5000 cash prize and a pair of Terry Biviano heels might change all that. Like it did for hundreds of women who took part in a 80 meter world record attempt stiletto race, held at the Overseas Passenger Terminal on September 2, 2008 in Sydney, Australia. The previous world record of 150 runners, held by Holland, was broken by a neat margin, with 265 people participating in the Sydney race. I say "people" because some men were spotted running too! Well, Like I said $5000 in cash...


Winner Brittany McGlone, posing with her Golden Pump Trophy

But High heels Marathon? And the crazy sport has been doing rounds across the world, with London and Manhattan having done their own rounds of "charity" high heel marathons. I guess, soon enough they will find their way into Mumbai. We already have parties for charity, so why not a marathon... And there will be enough sponsors- Relispray, Iodex, Orthopedic Departments of top hospitals.

Any takers?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Goan Gems

Goa is a delightful place to be in. I love the typical Goan architecture clearly visible in the churches and houses across Goa. I loved the liberal usage of colors and tiles in the construction. Loads of blue, yellow and red with an occasional orange and even pink. Large houses with spacious rooms and big windows for ventilation are a welcome change from a usually claustrophobic Mumbai. I came back with such beautiful images floating in my head. I wish I could share all of them, but I guess Goa can't really be captured in pictures. Neverthless, I am sharing a few photographs. Hope you will like them.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Judging A Gift By Its Bag...

A gift is made double-sepcial if the package it arrives in is beautiful. The thought of a beautifully wrapped, thoughtfully picked gift excites everyone. And I never undermine the importance of ensuring that the gift is packaged beautifully. In fact, I sometimes end up liking the gift-packaging as much as the gift itself! A couple of years ago, I bought a lovely book on making gifts extra-special by packaging them beautifully. I often use home-made packaging, but recently, at a trade exhibition, I could not resist picking up a few ready-made ones from their collection. I used one of these for packaging the birthday gift of my sister-in-law. She loved it! I am posting a couple of pictures of the bag. I will try and visit their store and get some more pictures for you all.

I am finally getting convinced that my Blogroll won't assemble itself miraculously, and that I will have to do it myself. Wish me luck!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Rains Make Me Miss My Friends

Monsoons are in full flow. Well, sort of. And this is around that time of the year when I really start missing Lonavala, favorite monsoon picnic spot of Mumbaikars like me. Being the most easily accessible hill station from Mumbai, it’s a favorite weekend spot for me and hubby, throughout the year. More so during the monsoons when the natural splendor of the place is at its beguiling best. The thing I miss most about Lonavala is the Rainmaker’s. I miss just relaxing at the shack, not doing anything, not going anywhere. Just sitting, watching the rain fall.

And I love watching Dhanya and Mathew working at the shack, interacting with the guests. It’s amazing how she manages all the work in her tiny kitchen and still be around to greet the guests and share a casual conversation. She seems so much at ease with her work and life, it sort of makes me envious. Ever so slightly. No meaningless deadlines to chase, no stress-spills, no lots tempers. Just a husband and wife team, going about their life, bringing some color into other people’s life while at it.

Another thing that I find really interesting is Dhanya’s cool style. I have always found her to be effortless and casual. Needless to say, she dresses for comfort and stays away from brands. But she is a classic example of how the right attitude can make a simple jeans and tees attire the ultimate style statement. Her accessories show her love for colors and I have seen her carry even the most mundane outfit with a bohemian panache that somehow elevates the outfit, making it look “cool”. Maybe staying away from the pollution-laden, illness-inducing city has its benefits. But mostly, I think it’s just my pal Dhanya.

I decided to do a short style profile of her different looks. All casual, but different. Outfits or sassitude, you be the judge!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Spreading some Pink Love...

I have already stated my stand on the role of fashion in creating awareness about pertinent issues. It helps reiterate my view that there is more to fashion and style than just vanity and social-acceptance. That the fashion industry does play a more significant role in our lives. A clear example of this are the various products that contribute to breast-cancer awareness.

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer is one such well-known initiative. So I dug up many more, courtesy a simple search on Google images. I request you all to continue to spread the word and wear your pink ribbons where the world can see them. And if you must shop till you drop, do consider some of the products featured below. They give your style a pink edge. And that's good to have.

Have ipod, will accessorize. Do consider this lovely cover from Incase. You ipod will love you for dressing it up in style.

Step out and face the sun with some pink love on your side. This lovely Target umbrella is just one of the awesome products from fashion targets breast cancer series of products. For more, check out their website.

Look at this bracelet from Marc. Need I say more?
Below are some more products from the fashion for breast cancer awareness and cure kitty...

So, keep loving pink, and the world will love you for it.