About Me

My name is Pratishtha Shrotriya Khan, and I am addicted to Love. My life is fuelled and grounded by it. I love everything: People, flowers, clothes, trees, shoes, foods, books, music, fashion, ponies, vintage stamps, stories from other cultures, board games, dogs, perfumes, freshly washed towels, winter mornings, weekends, sangria, neon nail paints, long drives, tall glasses of iced tea, teatime, lunch time, pretty much any time of the day… You get the idea. The problem is, when people ask me, “So what do you do?”, I am left fumbling to put my words into a correct, listener-centric order, as I juggle “Writer”, “Designer”, “Gourmet Enthusiast”, “traveller”, “Desktop Philosopher”, and the rest of my many selves. On this blog though, life is a bit easier. I present to you some of my many avatars, and leave it to you, my reader, to make friends with the one you like.

Writer: Prose, verse, quotes, movie reviews, book reviews, my take on the world’s events, my take on what you had for dinner tonight, bad hair days, Mondays, wish-lists, regrets, memories… this is my life… unplugged.

Food: Is the love for food the only true love in life? True for some, nearly true for me. I cook, I eat, I browse food porn and am a regular Pinterest addict, constantly searching for some new recipes and cooking tips and tricks. Follow my ongoing “356 breakfasts in 365 days”, where I cook some, review some, and eat some breakfasts through almost a year-full of fabulous morning meals.

Designer: It had to happen. The need to create and redefine was too overwhelming. Hence, Bandagi, my brand of hand-made accessories that keep the rebel in me sane and alive. I unleash my inner language through my designs and am overwhelmed by the love and positivity Bandagi has bright into my life. Bandagi, by the way, means Worship.

Fashion: I am still struggling with this one and truly need your help here. Nothing qualifies me for an opinion, really, except for my deep, intense love for fashion itself. But that does not stop me from sharing my personal style and some shopping gems I’d love to boast about. Also, occasional run-ins with my favourite designer, stylists, models and fashionistas.

Desktop Philosopher: That’s what the “other Blog” is all about. My hurts, my heals, my spirituality, my inner journeys, and all the grown-up stuff one can’t really share on a fashion and food blog. A couple of years ago, I shed off my life’s extra baggage, and that’s how Lifein2suitcases came into being. So if you need to know the mindscape of someone who is determined to turn her life upside down and inside out, and are not afraid of some fiery and biased opinions, hop on!