Thursday, May 31, 2012

Guest Post - Rachel of Capturing Italy- Season Trends

Rachel is no stranger to most of the bloggers. Lithe and beautiful, this lissom model and designer has been an inspiration to so many of us. After having quit her day job, Rachel travelled to Rome, and made the city her home while she learned how to make custom clothing. Now, having returned to San Diego, CA, Rachel is now adding a dash to beauty with her line of bespoke clothing. She continues to travel and explore new places, making friends and touching lives. In the following Guest post, she has been kind enough to share some of her favourite trends from this season and this year. Neon - I'm actually surprised that I ended up loving the neon trend so much. My first inclination was more toward pastels, but the "fierceness" of the bold colors overtook me! I love how it is borderline edgy to wear happy colors due to the bright hue of neon. I think my favorite way however to wear neon, is in tiny pops of accent on a more muted or neutral outfit. You can see examples of this in both outfits here, both coincidentally photos at the beach. ( and
Stripes - Stripes are a year-round staple in my mind, and are probably my favorite print to mix with and be a bit fun and crazy with. I like how they can be preppy or edge depending on how the outfit is styled. ( and and and and
Black and White - I've always been a fan of this combination, so naturally I'm happy to see it is a trend. It will always have a classic vibe. ( and
Bra Tops, Bustiers, and Crochet - I figure while I'm still young enough to pull it off, why not go for the midriff-exposing trends? Certainly I firmly believe that some major judgement of location needs to be assessed before exposing skin in this way, but you will notice I live in Southern California near the beach, therefore that is where I'm usually wearing it. I don't see myself going to a black-tie dinner or church in it... so wise judgement in location is advised! (, and and and - actually posted last spring!)
Platforms and Wooden Wedge - I've been in love with these Steve Madden wedges since I purchased them months ago. Can I just say, they are the hardest thing to walk in ever?! Since they are so flat on the bottom with the wood, there is no give. So one bump in the road or any rock and I'm toast! I've tripped in them probably 400 times....but of course I keep wearing them. They truly are comfortable, since they are so flat, it feels like I'm just standing on level ground. Not 5 inches from the ground. ( - actually posted last spring!)
Floral - I think floral tends to come around every spring, doesn't it? I love it each and every year. ( - over a year ago and and and - in Rome and
Gingham - This is a favorite Springtime classic trend of mine. I love the vintage country chic feel to gingham.
Wearing Fruit - I think this is a fun alternative to florals!
Tail Hem Trend - This is a new one for me... wasn't sure I was going to give it a go, but I loved the elegance of this dress.
Mint & Seafoam - These are two of my favorite colors, regardless of any trends. So naturally I'm all about this one! and and

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Twin Pleasures...

22nd May is my birthday. May born people are special fun, even though I say so myself. The sign of Gemini is a perfect reflection of my own personality. I can be two people at the same time, I can be serious and flirty, artistic and practical, loving and aloof... My style is all things summer. It's all about breezy silhouettes, bright colors, floppy hats and tall cool drinks. For my Birthday this year, I am not really planning a party. I do, however, intend to check myself into a spa, and indulge. How do you like to spend your birthday?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A bit like my mother...

My mother was truly stylish. Here was one woman who never knew the names of any big designers, wore flowers in her hair, and made them into earrings. Her skin glistened with freshness and innocence, even when she became a mother of two. The first colored lipstick she bought for herself was when my brother got married. But the saris she wore! Beautiful silks, chiffons, georgettes, and of course, cotton sari. She was so delicate and feminine and embodied elegance. I so wanted to be like her when I grew up. When my wedding was coming closer, like every bride, my biggest worry was, “What will I wear?”. Ours was a civil wedding, followed by two wedding receptions, almost a week apart, so I knew I could wear something fancy and elaborate to the wedding receptions. To the civil wedding, I wanted to wear something special. If you have been a reader of this blog for a while, you would have read about how my mother has been a major influence in my life, and obviously, I missed her presence more and more as my big day came closer. I had to have her with me, somehow. So I decided to wear one of Ma’s saris to the wedding day. My initial choice was a bottle green and dull gold sari that she had worn for her own wedding. But that sari is too delicate and very worn out from use for over 40 years, so I settled upon this gorgeous georgette sari that Ma liked a lot. Also, I wanted to wear no make-up or any noticeable accessories, as that’s how my mother dressed up all her life. I chose a very simple set of pearl earrings, and just a touch of kohl completed my look. There was no base, no foundation, and no lipstick. And that’s how I wanted to look as a bride. My brother was pleasantly surprised when he saw me wear our mother’s sari on the D-Day. We lost both our parents not so long ago, and it was an emotional moment for both of us. That sari just made all the difference. As I drove to the court with my family; my brother, his wife, and my niece, I felt so much at peace. I look at these pictures from that day and feel so good. Wedding clothes need not be about designers and drop-dead stunning accessories. Sometimes, as in my case, wedding clothes are all about emotions, tradition. I could have gone for a heavily embroidered designer sari, but this lovely georgette made my wedding’s memories even more special.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Into the worlds beyond!

Bohemia has the ability to transcend worlds and create looks that are so ethereal. I believe that Bohemian fashion brings out a woman's femininity at its natural best. there is an underlying rawness to bohemian fashion which ensures that it is timeless. This Calypso Maxi skirt with the Owlita inspired earrings are perfect for a summer day. The thong pattern Milanoo sandals are just what the summers need! What is your favorite, timeless style!