Sunday, June 24, 2012

What a fabulous weekend! Rains, hot cups of tea, good food, great music, and peaceful quality time with husband. Saw a wonderful movie, "Gangs Of Wasseypur" on Friday. My brother-in-law has a key role in the film, so it was bonus happiness for the family that it's promising to be a huge hit, and is massively critically acclaimed. Can't believe it's Sunday evening already. How was your weekend?

Check out the trailer here. Warning: It's a gritty, grimy story about the real Gangs of Wasseypur in India. Will post a review soon. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Monsoon Secrets...

Monsoons are hitting Mumbai shores and I can relate to the woes of many Mumbai Shoe addicts who are forced to reduce the usage of their beautiful towering heels in order to protect them from the weather. I myself cannot wear high heels any more because of a permanent knee injury, but that does not stop me from giving in to a cute pair every now and then. Though the only place I can truly wear them Is my home. Well, to each their guilty little secret!

Speaking of secrets… I am, these days, addicted to a delightful sin… reading other people’s confessions on the super fun Facebook App, by Steve Madden India. It’s not enough that Steve Madden is finally available to India's Shoe crazy women, the App is bringing out the yummy secrets of women bursting to let out a secret or two. If your secret is particularly dark, you have the option of making an ‘Anonymous” confession. Trust me, it’s super fun reading through what some of our fellow women have been up to. You can check out the confessions at

Some of my favorites are a combination of passion, secrets and a bit of tongue in cheek humor.
“I think I'm a little Shoesbian.”
“I have made out with both my best friends and they both don't know about it! And coincidentally they both are my fashion stylists! Most of what footwear i own, has been selected by them!”
My only grouse is that the posted secrets stay on the page for only a short while. So you have to keep going back to read the new ones. Not that I am complaining though. Apart from my daily visit to the Soiree Lounge, I am indulging in some great Me-Time with my breakfast project taking off and doing rather well. In fact, it was featured in Hindustan Times this Sunday!