Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend with Friends and Blog Award!

Saw the new movie AISHA over the weekend. It's the latest Cinematic adaptation of Jane Austen's "Emma", with Sonam Kapoor playing the title character in this slick, glossy movie. Actor Sonam Kapoor is increasingly being known as one of India's leading style icons from Bollywood, and AISHA goes on to reinforce the image.

With great styling and impressive production values, AISHA is visually pleasing, but goes DUH! on story-telling. As a saving grace, Sonam, Abhay Deol, and company look really great on screen, and the lead characters have some decent chemistry going for them. That's about all that can be said for the movie.

And the lovely Rachel of the blog INSPIRATION IN ITALY has given me the Tanti Baci (many kisses award) to mark her 100th Blog post! Thank you SO much, Rachel! Love your gorgeous blog.

I would like to pass on my Tanti Baci to my following friends...

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