Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time to look back and celebrate!

This past year has been the most phenomenal and eventful year of my life. And I have grown more as an individual than I did in several years put together. One of my self-enhancing initiatives last year was to learn to live with less. I was a recovering shopaholic and it did nothing at all for my self-esteem. My personal style still lacked a distinct image. I realized that I was trying to live up to others’ image of who I should be. So I gave up on this headless chicken run and set forth to find my own identity. And so started the blog www.lifein2suitcases.com
I did not even know that there were a lot of people following my personal quest. And was pleasantly surprised when Sunday mid-day got in touch with me to write an article on my quest to de-clutter my life and find an emotional and spiritual balance.
So this is what was published.

To read the entire 2 page article, use this link to get to the Sunday epaper. http://epaper2.mid-day.com/epaperhome.aspx?issue=24102010&edd=mumbai
Please scroll down to page 28-29 to read the story.

To read my blog on de-cluttering, visit www.lifein2suitcases.com

Been out of action for a while. Will surely catch up with you all now. Thanks for your support and the positive influences I have found in the blogosphere.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lakme Fashion Week - Winter Festive 2010 - Rohan Arora

My bad fortunes continue! No sooner had I recovered, my dad was hospitalized with Hypoglycemia. It was a big scare for all of us, as appare4nlty it can get really serious! I am about done with trying times. Today is another day, and it’s bright and sunny outside, and I am not going to let a little bit of stormy weather get in the way of the last traces of summer we have left to enjoy.
The last of day of Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive had a delightful surprise for the fashion lovers. The accessories show featured the extremely talented Rohan Arora. I met Rohan at his stall at “The Source”. An amicable, unassuming young designer, all smiles and filled with enthusiasm about his new collection. “The shoes are all hand-made, with a mix of printed fabrics, hand-painted khadi, and leather”, he informed the curious crowd naturally attracted to the quirky and colorful collection. Having started his label in 2008, Rohan has been creating high-end fashion footwear for numerous big names in Indian fashion design.
His collection featured at the Lakme Fashion Week was an eclectic mix of colors, with hand-painted posters of old films painted on strikingly edgy footwear. Models walked the ramp sporting ankle and calf length boots in shades of beige, brown, blue, orange and red. Spiral heels, cuffs, side flaps and flat lace-ups had the audience hooked to the trendy designs.

I am going to post the remaining reviews soon, and hope that if life is planning on springing any more surprises at me, they’d at least be pleasant ones. Will soon be visiting my favorite lovely blogs and catching up on all the glorious fashion and lifestyle news from all of you. Till then, take care and wait for some super exciting, life changing news from me!