Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lakme Fashion Week Recap

Some of the designers whose work impressed...

Emerging designer Sabah Khan’s Sabashe label let loose a quirky and colorful collection “Tuk Tuk”, (colloquial for the Tangewala or Rickshawala). Finding her muse in the pastel uniforms of the rickshaw drivers and the bright interiors of the rickshaw, Sabah devised a series of trendy, interesting ensembles. From cute bikinis to hot pants, dhoti dungarees, waist coats, T backs - Sabah's inspired summer wear struck a cord with the young and the bold.

Harangad Singh's "Madame Pavone" brought alive the Pre-World War II Fashion decadence with opulent shades like sand, gold lemonade, pink, Tahitian red, sea blue and black. the collection featured maxis, summer cardigans, and flapper dresses from the 1920s shifts, embellished with embroidery replete with fine net, chiffon, seed beads and crystals. Details included pleats, cowls and 3D drapes.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lakme Fashion Week Day 5 - VJ Balhara

The 5th day of the Lakme Fashion Week Summer / Resort 2011, and I finally made it to the venue. I still can’t get over it. My favorite five days of the fashion season, and I missed them! Well, almost. I did make it to the 1.30 show where VJ sent his collection down the runway. I have already given you a preview of the collection, so won’t go into that again. All I can say is that from the very first strain of the music, it was a collection that had the audience swinging and applauding. VJ’s penchant for controlled drama was at play, as “Rustic Sophistication”, a collection in 100% cotton and chanderi unfolded in an inspired palette of lavender, fuchsia, turquoise, white, ivory and olive among other colors. Empire line smocks, cool summer pants, tunics with gathered hems, full pleated tents, drop crotch linen churidars, flared mul blouses, gypsy dresses, paisley embroidered skirts were all unusually styled with colorful birds in models’ hair, and exquisite, understated accessories that complimented the outfits, the collection bore the VJ Balhara stamp of edgy originality through and through. That the show was styled by VJ’s extremely talented wife Cynthia added a special touch to the event.

But what truly took everyone’s breath away was the showstopper, VJ’s muse Carol Gracias in a melon and taupe tiered circular Angarakha had the audience let out a collective gasp. And then, my favorite moment of every VJ show when the ex-model turned designer walked the ramp for a final bow, as the applause kept getting louder. When I first saw VJ’s designs, I saw in them a promise that finds substance with every new collection. Unfortunately, the show has left me with a dilemma. I am weighed down with the urgent need to lose ample weight to fit into one of VJ’s breathtaking designs. That, I hope will happen before his next collection.

All Photos Courtesy: Nitesh Square Photography

Monday, March 14, 2011

Lakme Fashion Week Preview- Atithi Gupta

Her last outing at the Lakme Fashion Week was titled “Recherche”, or French for “to look ahead”. That’s exactly what Atithi’s style does; to propel women’s fashion into the future. The collection she is going to showcase tomorrow at the Lakme Fashion Week is called “Ella”. The collection celebrates the modern dynamic woman, and is replete with unusual silhouettes that promise to revolutionize daywear. Accentuated with symmetric pleats, folds and twists, the collection underlines a woman’s sensuality, while never ever compromising on functionality. With series of monotones resembling the wet and dry sand, mud, stone, grass colors made in exquisite cotton silks, organza, crepes and chiffons with various drapes and gathers, “Ella” promises to truly expose the natural beauty of the materials.

The collection will have tailored petal-folded shorts and trousers, along with pullovers and kimono shouldered dresses with open-pleated bodices.

Last year, I had to miss her show and really regretted it. This time, for sure, I will try and catch up with the future of city wear as it unfolds on the runway.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2011

The last time I saw VJ, he was minutes away from his Fashion Week show. Hyper-energetic and ever warm, he was full of anticipation and not a trace of nervousness. Confident and with the poise of the super-model that he was before he turned to designing, he stood in the lounge of the Grand Hyatt, looking every bit the emerging star in the world of style that he is. That, to me, defines VJ's fashion brand: confident, contemporary, rooted.

And now, the not so new kid on the block is about to make another collection go down the runway history. Titled “Rustic Sophistication”, his signature style Neo Traditional Resort wear will see its audience at the upcoming Lakme Fashion Week Summer / Resort 2011.

It is fast becoming VJ’s forte to give a contemporary twist to a rural story. This time, he brings his fairy dust to traditional block prints enhanced with rural embellishments and unusual silhouettes.

The designs find their root in the traditional clothing women from Zamindaar (Landlords) community of Haryana. These are fused with the European glamour from the late 1950’s & early 1960’s to create a collection that primarily aims to find common grounds between the raw sensuality of the villages and the modern city chic.

With “Rustic Sophistication”, VJ continues to promote 100% cotton as a luxury fashion Fabric, another reason why I love his designs. Other fabrics which feature in the collection are Chanderi, “Satin Cotton” and chiffon. A rich palette of Ivory, Olive, Lavender, Fuschia, Shocking Pink, Yellow and Turquoise promise to make this collection stand out. VJ’s show is scheduled for March 15th at The Garnd Hyatt, Mumbai.