Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Eggs Art - Deliciously Wicked!

On Easter morning, so many children wake up, eager to discover the Easter Eggs left behind by the Easter bunny. Early Christians adopted the egg, a symbol of the rebirth of the earth in celebrations of spring, as a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus.
Traditionally, dyed or painted chicken eggs were used for Easter. But over the years, chocolate eggs, or plastic eggs filled with confectionery, have become popular Easter treats. But the most unique trend to have taken prominence over the past few years is the Easter Art Eggs. From bizarre to beautiful, these eggs redefine the tradition of the Easter eggs. And add a whole new dose of Fun!


Zombies come calling on Easter morning! SOURCE

Gordon Brown, Victoria Beckham, David Beckham, Lily Allen and Prince Harry are "Eggcited" to be turned into Egg Art by Thorton's! SOURCE gives Egg Art a fun twist! SOURCE

And finally, it's Star Wars, Egg-style! SOURCE

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Anaikka - Fashion Jewellery Goes Forward

Combining architectural shapes with vintage aesthetics in bold “statement jewellery” is Anaikka. Their stall at the Lakme Fashion Week took my breath away. Metallic grey and gold neck pieces, shoulder pieces and shrugs stood tall, beckoning the independent new age woman, who isn’t afraid to flaunt her strength and her grit. A unique blend of the edgy and the luxurious, these pieces are as modern as jewellery can be, while at some point finding their origin in tradition. The stall was a delight, giving form to that clich├ęd but not often followed term, Fashion Forward.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Inspired by Rachel!

Thank you, lovely Rachel, of Inspiration In Italy, for the wonderful award! I am truly honored. Will post the list of the bloggers I want to pass on this award to tomorrow.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ruhi Bindra - Making the stars shine brighter...

You’d be forgiven for thinking that she is some curious college kid who has wandered onto a high profile movie set. With her youthful spunk, and mischief-laden eyes, she hardly looks like the hard-wired professional that she is. Ruhi Bindra is the woman behind the unique looks of the 'Chak De' girls. Makeup artist to the stars, she adds shine to their glitz, and with the tricks in her bag, makes them look like a million bucks. Her impressive portfolio includes prestigious television campaigns like BPL Mots, Nestle, Polo, Samsung, Mother Dairy, Hutch and Santro.

She barely has time to sit and contemplate the success she has achieved in a very short time. But I caught her online, and she could not refuse a quick question and answer session. She is every bit as adorable as she looks.

Shotcouture: How did you start in the makeup industry?
Ruhi: I always had a flair for Make-up n Hair-Styling since I was a child. I used to do Make-up n Hair Do's on my aunts and cousins when I was just 8 years old. Also I got into Modeling after getting out of school so I always did my own make-up and hair most of the times as I had the knack of it. And then, one fine day in 2004, I just thought of getting into it professionally. I had never been to a Make-up School or done a professional course to begin with. I hadn’t even assisted any Make-up Artist. I just started working on Ads, Music Videos, Press Campaigns, Fashion Magazines, and then work started flowing in. I got my first Bollywood break on the feature “Fanaa” with Yashraj Films and then I did “Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic”. Then “Chak De” happened, and I got a chance to design the look for all the actors in the entire film. From then on, it’s been a great journey.

Shotcouture: What celebs have you been working with recently?
Ruhi: I recently worked with Gauhar Khan, Shahzan Padamsee, Tisca Chopra, Manjaree Phadnis, Karan Huku, Madhavan, Nisha Jhamval, Avanti Birla, Yash Birla, Shabana Azmi, Mandira Bedi, Shaheen Abbas, Minissha Lamba, Genelia Dsouza, Amrit Maghera, Sheetal Malhar, Diandra Soares, Rita Dodhi, Sarah Jane, Gul Panaag, Ayesha Takia and many more. You will have to log on to my site and check my entire celebrity client list.

Shotcouture: Wow! That reads like the who’s who of the industry! Can you tell us about a memorable moment you had while doing a celebrity's makeup?
Ruhi: Recently I was working with Gauhar Khan's look on Rocket Singh and I remember Shimit Amin had briefed me on her character in the film and had instructed me not to make her look beautiful as the character demanded a garish look. So keeping that in mind I had to try my level best not to make her look pretty but loud and garish. And I remember I had to convince Gauhar everyday on sets while doing her make-up. As each day was even more challenging. I had to keep giving her different looks on the same lines. I had to use heavy bindis, thick layer of base and heavy eye make-up, bright blush, and dark colored lipsticks to bring out her character. This was one of my most recent memorable moments.

Shotcouture: If we took a peek in your makeup kit what would we see?

Shotcouture: What sets you apart from other makeup artists?
Ruhi: My minimal base and make-up sets me apart from the other make-up artists. I believe in giving a realistic look as per the requirement of the on screen character.

Shotcouture: How do you keep up with all the new trends and styles? How do you incorporate them into your makeup repertoire?
Ruhi: I always watch the Golden Globe and Oscar Awards, International fashion channels, Vogue and all the Ace Fashion magazines. I always keep myself updated with the new trends and styles. Even when I travel abroad I pick up loads of make-up and funky hair accessories. I always get fascinated with new trends and make sure they are in my make-up kit before anybody is even aware of it.
No wonder this pretty lass is headed for the Bollywood hall of fame. Bringing back realism to make-up, and understanding character traits has given Ruhi an edge that film-makers now recognize. Making her one of the most “in-demand” artists in the industry. Here is wishing this very talented girl a great future in Bollywood and beyond!

Monday, March 8, 2010

My Chic Blue Top For the Fashion Week

I have had this cool blue Atmosphere top for some time now. I love how versatile it is. For the Lakme Fashion Week Show, I teamed it with jeans, for a casual but chic daytime look. With a pencil skirt and the right accessories, it makes perfect evening wear. I love the color and the beautiful silver details on the wide neck.

And thank you dear Anya, from Couture Millinery Atelier For the beautiful "Doll Face" award. Thank you so much! You made my day...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2010 - Day 3 - Vijay Balhara - Borala Nautch

Flamboyant and vibrant, Vijay Balhara’s Collection “Borala Nautch” had every bit the fun element expected from the young designer. “Borala” means a traditional headgear of the Northern Women, while “Nautch” is derived from the Sanskrit word for dance: Nritya.
“Naach” was a popular dance style performed by young girls known as “Nautch Girls”. The culture of the performing art of Nautch rose to prominence during the later period of Mughal Empire, and the Company Rule . Dance as a form of entertainment and art was a rage with the Princely states and Nawabs. “Borala” was extensively used as a headgear in Vijay’s collection. With the silhouettes inspired from the motifs and the culturally rich clothing style of Nautch Girls, Vijay’s collection is for the Urban Woman not afraid to flaunt her individuality. The vivid color palette shows the designer’s penchant for experimenting. Blending rural influences seamlessly with urban sensibilities, Vijay has truly lived up to his reputation as an emerging designer to watch out for.

Using sensuous, natural fabrics like cotton with satin weave, mul, voil, linen and soft brocades, Vijay has created an interesting line including tunics, dresses, capes, jumpsuits, shrugs, skirts, and churidar pants. Playing with a wide color palette of ivory, beige, orange, pink, fuchsia, yellow and gold, and using embellishments like gold sequined kanthawork, resham thread embroidery, pipe work and cut daana work, Vijay’s collection definitely promises great things to come from his brand VJB.

Vijay takes a bow...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2010 Preview - Atithi Gupta

This young, sprightly designer made her debut entry as the Gennext Designer at the Lakme Fashion Week F/W 09, and has gone on to make her mark across the country, thorough her label, ATITHI GUPTA. This alumni of Pearl Academy of Fashion finds her design muse in every day elements of life and finds her creativity take wings in forms and structure. For the Spring Summer Resort Wear 2010 collection, Atithi will showcase her collection, ‘In the shades of summer sky... ’. A collection replete with her signature austerity infused with new lines, enhanced by finely wrought details.
The collection celebrates lightness and newness, with subtle details that are an ode to modern feminine essence… an essence of calm sophistication and grace. The transparent; light-weight look has an understated and exquisite effect, a blend of sobriety. The summer theme is expressed in urbane, light and monochrome fabrics, colors and silhouettes, calling for a new asceticism. Collection will feature flowing dresses, tunics, rompers and layered tops are combined with embroidered short shrugs and jackets, slim skirts and pants with details around the waist.

The Very Best Of Atithi's Previous Collection