Saturday, September 20, 2008

High Heel Marathon --- Would you? Could you?

When I bought my first pair of precariously high heels, a friend gave me a long lecture on the harm they could do to my back... I went ahead and bought two more pairs, and wore my lovely stilettos everywhere. I went for walks wearing them, I went shopping, and even went to college wearing high heels. I lived my life a good few inches higher than rest of the world. Then one day, just as suddenly my love for high heels had begun, it faded. Ephemeral... yes. But the comfort of well-structured flats was difficult to resist. And till a few months back, I lived my life pretty grounded. Till I saw this gorgeous, to-die-for pair of lovely heels in a shade of orange I had never dared even look at before. And the heels were back in my life.

But even at the top of my affair with the heels, I wouldn't have dreamed of running around in them, leave alone running an actual marathon waring heels over 3-inches. But I guess $5000 cash prize and a pair of Terry Biviano heels might change all that. Like it did for hundreds of women who took part in a 80 meter world record attempt stiletto race, held at the Overseas Passenger Terminal on September 2, 2008 in Sydney, Australia. The previous world record of 150 runners, held by Holland, was broken by a neat margin, with 265 people participating in the Sydney race. I say "people" because some men were spotted running too! Well, Like I said $5000 in cash...


Winner Brittany McGlone, posing with her Golden Pump Trophy

But High heels Marathon? And the crazy sport has been doing rounds across the world, with London and Manhattan having done their own rounds of "charity" high heel marathons. I guess, soon enough they will find their way into Mumbai. We already have parties for charity, so why not a marathon... And there will be enough sponsors- Relispray, Iodex, Orthopedic Departments of top hospitals.

Any takers?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Goan Gems

Goa is a delightful place to be in. I love the typical Goan architecture clearly visible in the churches and houses across Goa. I loved the liberal usage of colors and tiles in the construction. Loads of blue, yellow and red with an occasional orange and even pink. Large houses with spacious rooms and big windows for ventilation are a welcome change from a usually claustrophobic Mumbai. I came back with such beautiful images floating in my head. I wish I could share all of them, but I guess Goa can't really be captured in pictures. Neverthless, I am sharing a few photographs. Hope you will like them.