Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lakme Fashion Week - Winter Festive 2012 - Color Trends - Blue

Blue seems to be all prevalent in the coming season, if the recent shows are any indication. Many collections at the Lakme Fashion Week featured numerous different shades of the color, from sky to teal to indigo, blue was making its presence felt in most of the runway shows. Whether used with other colors, as the pre-dominent color, or as a trimming, blue is just making a comeback, and it seems likely that the color will be seen in many highly visible autumn wardrobes. Aniket Satam, the talented GenNext designer used cobalt and ink, splashed on sensuous viscose georgette, cotton jersey, raw silk and velvet, in his collection "Aarambh" (Beginning).
Anita Dongre's glamourous "Urban Goddess" collection had some stunning outfits in the preferred color of the season, while Debarun chose the colour blue as a constant for his creations as well as added beige and black for the base, to give depth to his creativity.
I am personally a big fan of Blue, and I do feel that the color works well in Indian designs and silhouettes. So while the Mumbai skies stay stubbornly grey, there is, after all, some cheerful blue to drive away the seasonal blues...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Winter Festive Color Trends - Yellow on the runway

Color always spells joy for me, whether it's in interiors, or fashion. I actively seek bright colors, and unabashedly use them as mood-lifters on Mondays and other days when things are not going too well. One of my all time, all seasons go-to color is Yellow. I love all shades of it, and I am fortunate to have a brown skin-tone that actually goes well with this color. So, it was surely a delight to see a more than generous sprinkling of yellow in the recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2012. This bright and playful hue will be a big scorcher this season. Full of warm vitality, yellow made an appearance in just about every other show at the fashion week. Bold and brave in edgy outfits, finding a perfect companion in black, or lending an audacious streak to an otherwise subdued outfit, yellow spoke out loud on every day of the Fashion Week. From pale yellow to bright lemon – yellow is the color for those who don't feel particularly mellow this season. Among the designers who made some fabulous use of one of my favorite colors is Deepika Govind who sent some spirited interpretations of the color down the runway.
Ken Fernandes adorned his yellows with Rorschach inkblot test-like patterns, giving them a dark and elegant twist.
Prashant Chauhan and Tanya Sharma blended two of the season's prominent trends - yellow and sheer to create some glamour-infused high fashion designs.
Mayank Anand, Pia Pauro, Payal Khandwala, and Sailex make just a few names in the list of designers who played with yellow in the upcoming season's collections.
It's such a delight that this sunny hue is getting its due, and how! And with yellow around, Orange too promises to stick around a little more. Orange and yellow usually make an appearance together. For more trend updates and fashion week collection reviews, please join my facebook page