Thursday, January 10, 2008

Winters at MacDonald’s

I fell in love with the attire! Sweet and unassuming student, right outside Colaba MacDonald’s. I love the way he has put together two warm colors to create an unusual combination. Very winter-fash. The wooden buttons and the light piping are just great. And love the slip-ons! Very appropriate for a long walk down the streets. And with so many glam-people making fake glasses a must-have accessory, suddenly a pair of simple peepers has become a hot number.


Ankita Wasan said...

So on a bored day, I was running around blogger. com and I found your blog :).
I love the concept!
Keep blogging.

reema said...

Winter colors!!! love the way Harem pants (atleast the fit) are teamed with this kurta. would love to add one rugged jhola to his style

Rikshit said...

Now thats an Indo - Sino dress code :P
Hullo Pratishtha good to see you on blogger :)

Pratishtha Durga said...

Thanks Rikshit... :) Looking at posting some fashion influences here.