Friday, March 28, 2008

Is that Summer I smell?

I would be lying if I claim that I actually look forward to summer. But these pretty things I saw at Urban Outfitters, almost made me look forward to the summers. Even in a city like Mumbai! Extreme right is the Kimchi and Blue scarf print skirt, and on the left, printed lace strap frock, my two favorites from their collection. I would team them with the plaid gauze scarf, and the striped aviator or swan lake sunglasses. Other lovely pieces worth acquiring are the Lux Digital Floral skirt, and the cherry blossom jersey dress.

For once, the summer seems worth the heat.


ChiliLady said...

I really like that skirt^^

Reema said...

Summers make me feel light and airy. Summer tunics and lingerie inspired camisoles are gonna be hit this summers.and i definetly love this skirt.

Pratishtha Durga said...

I agree, reema. A lot of friends tell me that winters are the best time for fashion, with layering options and all that. For me, it's summer. besides, it's ALWAYS summer in Mumbai. Sigh!

ChiliLady said...

well it would be cool if Blogger had this LiveJournal-Comment-Response-to specific comments-thing (same thing youtube has on its comments) - i always respond to the interesting comments but I get tired when 5 people write "love your coat" - i can only write "thank you, me not", or "read the entry it's not about coats"
I should not post pictures.
thanks very much for your comment!!^^

Pratishtha Durga said...

Chili! I share your views on that. i have another blog

It's not about fashion or anything. i am tired of people coming and leaving comments like that. It's clear they haven't read the post. Frustrating, really.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your lovely comment! you really have to post some photos of your room, you made me curious!!!
i like the picture, especially the pink glasses! they're great!

PS: your blog is the first Indian blog, I visited, and i really like it!

Pratishtha Durga said...

Hey Paris Girl... thanks a ton for your kind comment :) Will put up those pictures soon.