Tuesday, July 22, 2008

All The COLORS Of Human Emotions!

I am so excited! The channel, Colors, launched yesterday, at 7.00 pm IST. And we, the team of Colors, celebrated in style at Kino’s Cottage in Versova Mumbai. This sprawling party place is one of the most coveted destinations in Mumbai, and you will know why when you see the pictures. Overlooking the Versova beach, the venue was perfect for a buzzing launch party. Snacks included Murg Achari, Prawns Koliwada, Paneer Tikka, Seekh Kebabs, Veg-Cheese Tarts, Bruchettas, and more! There was lots to drink, though I stayed with juice and tequila shots.

Large screens all over the venue were for viewing the shows that started at 7.00pm and went on till 11.00 pm. The team partied till about 3.00 am, though I left early. It was really exciting seeing the result of all the months of hard work.


Laurel said...

CONGRATS MY LOVE! That is SO exciting to hear about the launch, you have been working your rear off! I can't wait to hear more about it!!!


Sunset Goddess said...

Your hard work rewarded.....
It is a shame we cannot get "Colors" this side of the world, would love to see your work!

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The place looks amazing, I went to Dubai for vacations a few years ago, and it is a beautiful city.

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