Monday, June 9, 2008

Spreading the cheer!

It's June, and forget the birthday week, even the birthday month is gone! But since my camera is finally functional, I can share some of the pictures after all this time. But first of all, I want to post the pictures of some of the beautiful flowers I received from friends and family. The advantages of being old are many. People around you know your preferences by now. So they know that I love roses, carnations and African daisies. And I got these in plenty. The living room looked all bright and pretty for the few days after my birthday. In fact, I have always loved fresh flowers. They bring that extra something to your living space. And go rather well with my love for all things colorful.

I remember once receiving some really pretty flowers from my husband, who was then my boyfriend. Since he had sent them to my office, my boss teased me saying that the flowers will stop once we get married. Well, they haven't!


Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i love this time of year - everyone has the most beautiful flower pictures up!!! so pretty!
xo alison

Absolutely Fabulous said...

hi! thanks for the nice comments! i love flowers too.

The Clothes Horse said...

How sweet! I think it's awesome that my father still buys my mother flowers and small jewelry really often--where do I find a man like that? Any tips? ^_^

Pratishtha Durga said...

Frou-frou - Oh, I love flowers! I think they should be an important part of every woman's life. And she should never have to buy them :)

Ab-fab - Thanks. i really do like your blog. Do expect me back more often.

Pratishtha Durga said...

Clothes-horse - Oh, that's sweet! I really love looking at couples who are so romantic even after years of marriage. I am married, fortunately, to a man of great taste when it comes to flowers, clothes and jewellery. I attribute it to his growing up in a family where women had impeccable taste.

Where to find a man like that, I only have one suggestion. Date them and test them, and expect more, lots more, because YOU DESERVE IT!

the tea drinking english rose said...

flowers are so beautiful!
and it makes everything else so much better.
my dad bought me some flowers recently, whilst i was at uni.
flowers make us girlies smile.

ps... i agree with you about agy! so much more prettier models out there that go unnoticed!
i'll be the one to show everyone!!


Pratishtha Durga said...

I think the reason why women were right there, right in the front, for the Flower Power movement, is obvious. Such is the Power of Flowers on the female of this species.
I guess one of the reasons for this is that the flowers are associated with "wooing". What say, English Rose?

the tea drinking english rose said...


and i AM such a sucker for old fashioned rmance. i'm such a tradtional girl, i want things to be how they are in movies, pride and predjudice style!
:(! i guess i'd rather live in the movies than real life!!

friday- to do-
must find mr perfect for perfect romantic gestures!

(or just buy myself some flowers!)

mala said...

roses are looking lovely
that was a surely a great day.
and we enjoyed a lot......