Saturday, July 14, 2012

Weekends filled with Love and Life

So how is your weekend going? Is it bring spent with family, friends or at work (ugh!)? I hope you are having a fabulous time, though, and not working. Husband came home after about ten days of work related traveling, so I am really excited about spending quality time with him. Also, that means I can cook and cook and cook, and have someone to share those meals with. Weekend cooking is among the most relaxing activities for me. And so is shopping! The weather in Mumbai continues to be wet and humid, so all my Cold Tea Arsenal is out most evenings. Nothing beats the persistent Monsoon Blues better than a tall, cold glass of fruit infusion or green tea! Catching up with the husband, there is so much to talk about! He travelled across three very different cities, and has so many stories to tell. Speaking of stories, this post is about a weekend "Yummy Yatra" (Journey for Taste)that I went on in the first week of July, along with some fellow foodies from Mumbai. This was an event sponsored by, one of the fastest growing restaurant review sites in the country. The group of foodies, who call themselves Pet Pujaris (Stomach worshipers)are the most fun people I have met in some time. I always believe that foodies might not be best of friends with the weighing scales, but have ample friends to boast of otherwise. The same goes for Pet Pujaris. Not a sad, forlorn soul there! You can check out their Facebook page HERE.
So with Pet Pujaris I traveled to Pune, sampling food at six different places in just two days! Believe me, there was a lot of eating involved. Sharing with you some of the foods we foodies shared over that weekend!
Here is wishing you a great week ahead. Am busy designing more and more accessories for the collection. Will be posting those soon. Between designing, cooking, writing and traveling, my days are kind of full. And that's just the way I want them to be. Please share with me your weekend trysts with life and love.
Hugs, Prati All Food Photographs, courtesy Pet Pujaris on Facebook.


Mouthwash said...

You look so pretty with flowers in your hair. :) You also take such lovely photos of food.

Isn't interesting how photos of food are always so intriguing?

Lovely post!


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is! :)
Great photos!

magmons said...

I really like this look and your blog is inspiring:)
If you have a minute, please check out my blog and follow me if you liked it. I'll appreciate it so much! Thanks!

Mitha Komala said...

oh it is nice to hear that your husband was back and so you could cook for him, those food look yummy! i love the floral headpiece on your hair =) xx

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yiqin; said...

you are gorgeous <3


Must have been an amazing time! Everything looks wonderful. And you must be glad the hubby's finally back. Hope you had a great weekend enjoying! xoxo

karina said...

mm like it)))

dina vanessa mercado said...

great photos! :)

Couture Carrie said...

Lovely and delicious post, darling!
You look so beautiful :)


Megha Sarin said...

The food looks amazing :) Love it :)


Ayu Nuada Damayanthi said...

those foods look yummy :9 seems like u had lottas fun <3
wanna follow each other?


bridechic said...

Your food looks delish! Enjoy . . .

oxoxox from San Francisco

Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

you look so beautiful!

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Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I am so jealous of all the eating you did. Everything just looks so good!


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Yum this looks delicious and I love any weekend filled with pizza!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Ashley said...

Such an interesting post, I love all the foods you featured here! I just followed you via GFC, hope you visit and follow back if you like my blog <3

PAPS said...

The food looks so yummy and hope quality time with your hubby was great.
Do you like to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin? Let me know will love to follow you back.

Miss Starshiny said...

Looks delicious!
Miss Starshiny

Gilbert Ganda said...

You are so gorgeous and those food, are making me hungry in the cold night!


Audrey Allure said...

Mmm the food looks delicious!

Cammila said...

What a beautiful collection of images! I feel like I can smell and taste and hear the strum of stimuli in each of them! :D

Cheryl van den Berg said...

Wow, the foods looks really, really interesting. Definitely loving the look of the dessert.

erica marie said...

Oh gosh you just made me so hungry lol. My weekends have been pretty busy but fun...hoping to relax this weekend.

xo erica

Anonymous said...

WOW, I'm jealous you got to eat all of these. That's the life, girl! Anyways, I'm glad you are having fun. :]

P.S. Thanks for checking out my IMATS post part I.

P.P.S. I can't wait to see more from your shop. I am very much interested in doing a review if you are!

Lots of love, B
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GlamFabChameleon said...

You look so pretty with this flower in your head!!<3 Happy Friday darling!

Ayantika said...

the foods are tempting !

Bong's Belleza

Anna Brain said...

Yummy-yummy!! :D

Steph M. said...

All your lovely food pictures are making me so hungry!! Just discovered your blog - looking forward to reading more posts from you in the future x