Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Back To School - Manuel Bozzi's University Of Rock 'n' Roll

I have always liked fashion with a bit of an edge. And Italian designer Manuel Bozzi’s work fits right into the slot. Using silver, gold, precious stones, diamonds, leather and enamels, Manuel Bozzi creates fine jewellery collections that are romantic yet edgy, inspired by his strong and decisive taste. The jewels, like all things stylish are designed to last and be worn every day.

The most recent collection, “University of Rock 'n' Roll” has a strong Rock inspiration, borrowing heavily from the Keith Richards years. The three guitars belts and the alligator buckle are my favorites from that collection.

The "Keyboard 8 Ring" is an elegant jewel inspired by technology for daily luxury, a modern, non-conformist style that remains forever elegant.

As a young artist, Manuel was noticed by French designers Marithé and François Girbaud. Their collaborations—which continue on to this day—established Bozzi as a name to watch and the subsequent global success marked him as an innovator in the field.

Each handcrafted piece designed by Bozzi reflects his dedication to fine detailing. His unusual inspirations make his designs extremely unique, and intriguing. Recognizing his superior aesthetics and keen eye for the unconventional, some of the most exclusive boutiques worldwide now house Bozzi’s work. The success of his Rock ‘n’ Roll collection has urged him to plan a world-wide expansion of his vision and designs.

I can actually see these stunning designs finding their way into India. They will be such conversation pieces, more so, if some daring fashionista finds in her the courage to team them with an Indian outfit. What fun!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Just to let you know i’ve nominated your blog for an award x

yiqin; said...

That ring is so awesome & unique~!

Absolutely Fabulous said...

dear Prati, wanted to let you know that I appreciate your words and thoughtfulness. Thank you for always dropping by. I am wishing you well. Love.

Bombchell said...

oooh those are nice!

Pratishtha Durga said...

Indian Rose Fashionista: thanks a ton. Though I feel that my blog still has a long way to go.

Yigin: His designs are awesome, aren't they?

Absolutely Fab: Joy, it's a pleasure being a part of your space. You rock!

Bombchell: They are, aren't they!

The Clothes Horse said...

These are gorgeous. I love how unique the designs are.

SOS! said...

keyboard ring for the blog addicts. very creative!

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