Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kala Ghoda - Day 1

Barely made it in time to see some of Ritika Mittals' awesome collection - MORA - at Kala Ghoda. Day 1 is usually very crowded, and chaotic. Stall owners are still trying to get the logistics right and get in place their own ways of crowd management. Some pretty interesting stuff there. Will cover all that later. For now, just a few pictures that I managed to get.

Roseanne and Ellie pose for the camera.

Me, Roseanne and the mannequin. I am wearing a MORA sari.

Ritika's mother taking a quick break

Ritika, tired but happy with the success of the MORA collection

An interesting installation. In fact, the only one I managed to see.


Couture Carrie said...

Beautiful sari, darling!


Style, She Wrote said...

Great post and beautiful saris.

Thanks for stopping by!

Bombchell said...

you're so pretty, you should post more pictures with you in it.

pharmacystudents said...

awesmmmmm really i turned fan of mora sarees i just lovd the way u presntd the women in those beautiful sarees i just just just lovd them

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